Resistance in Algiers - Day 3

  • Cinema Nova

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From the Arab-Muslim invasion and Turkish colonisation to the Algerian war, from the Mecca of the revolutionaries to the Black Decade, from yesterday to today, Algiers has struggled against every yoke imposed upon it. In a few key films, classic, mythical or hopeful, this is a story of resistance in Algiers.


20:00 La moitié du ciel d'Allah - Djamila Sahraoui (1995 – 50’) + talk with Ghaliya Djelloul
Several generations of Algerian women talk about their bewildering struggle for freedom and equality. The sociologist Ghaliya Djellloul will then discuss the role of women in the Algerian resistance.

22:00 Algérie du possible- Viviane Candas ( 2016 - 90’)
Viviane Candas follows in the footsteps of her father Yves Mathieu,, a French anti-colonialist and lawyer for the FLN who died in suspicious circumstances in the early years of Algerian independence.