Resistance in Algiers - Day 4

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From the Arab-Muslim invasion and Turkish colonisation to the Algerian war, from the Mecca of the revolutionaries to the Black Decade, from yesterday to today, Algiers has struggled against every yoke imposed upon it. In a few key films, classic, mythical or hopeful, this is a story of resistance in Algiers.

Day 4

19:00 Tahia Ya Didou! - Mohamed Zinet (1971 - 81’)
Algiers city council commissioned a promotional film, but the director gave them a poetic, wry and ecstatic portrait of his native city.

21:00 Chroniques des années de braise - Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina (1975 - 176’)
This historical drama shows the Algerian struggle for independence through the eyes of a poor farmer. It won the Palme D’Or in Cannes.