Resistance in Algiers - Day 5

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From the Arab-Muslim invasion and Turkish colonisation to the Algerian war, from the Mecca of the revolutionaries to the Black Decade, from yesterday to today, Algiers has struggled against every yoke imposed upon it. In a few key films, classic, mythical or hopeful, this is a story of resistance in Algiers.

Dag 5

20:00 Zerda ou les chants de l'oubli - Assia Djebar (1982 - 40')
A poetic tableau in the style of an essay, based on archive images. A deconstruction of prevailing images at the time Maghreb was being colonised.

22:00 Le Roman Algérien - Katia Kameli ( 2016 - 16’+ 2017 - 40’ + 2019 – 36’)
An immersion in the history of Algeria based on a collection of historical postcards and photographic reproductions in a travelling kiosk.