Casbah Blues: El Hadi El Anka / Abdelkader Chercham / Abdelkader Chaou

  • Bozar

Homage to El Hadj M’hamed El Anka

Three masters of Algerian Chaâbi pay tribute to the pioneer of the genre: El Hadj M'hamed El Anka. This mainly popular music was born in the Casbah in Algiers in the 1930s and combines musical styles from North Africa, Andalusia and the Middle East. Even today it has lost none of its appeal.

El Hadi El Anka : Piano & voice
Abdelkader Chercham : Mandole & voice
Abdelkader Chaou : Mandole & voice
Mabrouk Hamai : Qanun
Hocine Soudani : Percussions (Derbouka)
Ahcene Soudani : Percussions (Tambourine)
Sid Ali Oudane : Banjo
Khaled Haddouche : Violin