Kaouther Adimi & Chawki Amari

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Kaouther Adimi - Chawki Amari
Lecture et discussion - modération Soraya Amrani (FR)

Kaouther Adimi
The young author Kaouther Adimi (Algiers, 1986) lives and works in Paris. She made her breakthrough with her third novel, Nos richesses (2017, Le Seuil), an evocation of the legendary bookseller and publisher Edmond Charlot. She will now be presenting her new novel, Les petits de décembre.

Chawki Amari
Chawki Amari is a journalist, caricaturist, author and actor from Algiers. His bold drawings and articles have already led to several convictions. He has written several novels and novellas including De bonnes nouvelles d’Algérie (Baleine, 1998), Après-demain (Chihab, 2006) and Balak (Barzakh, 2018). He will here be introducing his new novel L’âne mort, which will be published by L’Observatoire in 2020.