Sofiane Saidi & Mazalda

  • VK Concerts

This is Sofiane’s very first concert on Belgian soil. He has breathed new life into the original raw Raï genre. His rough, gravelly but warm voice, the feverish rhythms, the distorted guitars and analogue synthesizers fuse into an irresistible, danceable whole.

  • Support act: El Guilli
  • DJ Dounia
    online presale 13€
    entrance ticket at the door 17€

EL GUILLI is a Brussels band around singer Abdessamad aka El Guilli. El Guilli is from Oujda. In Brussels he meets up with Said and Nouredine, members of the group "Chabab El Farah" and the reggae fusion group "Univibes". They worked together with big names like Zahwani, Zahwania, Sahraoui and Fadela. Together with drummer Jamal they bring a reworked Raina Raï repertoire.

The energetic DJ Dounia DJ has been bringing ambiance à l'Algerienne to weddings and gala events of the Algerian community in Brussels for several years now. She juggles with Raï, Staifi, Alaoui, Rai'nB and more!

Sofiane Saidi & Mazalda
Sofiane Saidi : Voice
Julien Lesuisse : Saxophone & Voice
Adrien Spirli : Keyboards & Bass
Lucas Spirli : Organ & Keyboards
Stephane Cezard : Saz & Guitar
Yann Lemeunier : Drums
Moncef Besseghir : Percussions